Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Eric in Wonderland

My good friend and amazing artist Joey Chou was asked to curate a show for Leann Lin's Wonderland and was kind enough to ask me to be part of it. The theme was Bed Time Stories and not to be a Debbie downer but I grew up in a rather large family (4 brothers & 3 sisters) and there was not much time for the nightly telling of stories. Because the run of the mill bed time tales didn't really resonate with me, I decided to create my own piece telling my own story. I immediately thought of the phrase "Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite". Bed bugs not being particularly attractive or necessarily desirable, I imagined a rhinoceros beetle instead. The image of a mischievous boy basking in the delight of teasing his teddy bear slowly came to life in my head and the phrase took on a new meaning. An old saying became a new bed time story well for me at least.

A Curious Case of Oddity

Gallery Nucleus has been so kind to me and they invited me to participate in a show for the launch of Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying's book called "Curiosities: An Illustrated History of Ancestral Oddity". It is a great book with amazing art and a great story. The show itself was called Curiosities and the idea behind it was that each artist just inherited an old mansion and in that mansion what kind of odd/scary objects did we find there? I immediately thought of a wedding portrait but I wanted it to have a subtle Day of the Dead feel as well as a impending feeling of doom. A marriage not meant to last if you will. So me being me, I chose the short lived coexistence of the male and female mantis. Odd enough for you? I love this piece and hope that someday someone wants to purchase it. "Till Death..."

"Who wants to play video games?"

BMO is the second commission that I completed after The Adventure Time Show at Gallery Nucleus. This piece was so much fun to make. PS the control for BMO is a custom piece and not based on the show at all. It hooks into the first player port. I love BMO!!

The Adventure Continues

After the Adventure Time Show at Gallery Nucleus, I received a few requests for commissions. I had a client who is in love with the Jiggler and had to have him. I immediately said yes and soon realized that the "yes" came with a few requirements. It was tough but I made the Jiggler to all my clients specs and it was love at first site. This Jiggler is two feet tall. He has several accessories including two sets of articulate arms and legs each with a snap at the end so that they can be positioned in any of the Jiggler's "ports". He also has three different expressive mouths. A smile, a whistle, and a frown.

Royally Tenenbaumed

I am really bad at blogging. Consistency it seems is not a strong point of mine in this particular arena but with the New Year comes change and I vow to blog less sporadically. Is it bad that every time I say the word sporadic I think of Ty from "Clueless"? RIP Brittany Murphy. Anyway last year, I became obsessed with Wes Anderson films particularly "The Royal Tenenbaums" and especially the character Margot. So I created a piece called "My Adopted Daughter..." I love this piece and can't wait for Margot to find a happy home.