Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wizard Of Oz Episode Two

 Here are the pieces from the Gallery Nucleus Show. "Not In Kansas Anymore" Thanks Jessica for an amazing opening night party!

Wizard of OZ Episode One

I had two shows happening at the same time with the exact same theme and to tell you the truth this theme kicked my @$$! I had so many ideas. I found myself overwhelmed. The first show was "Visions of Oz" for Taylor White. This piece actually came to life organically and with little stress. Flying monkeys plus classic proverb. I called it "No Evil"

The other pieces for Nucleus Gallery however were not created in such a harmonious fashion.I had grand ideas for each of the pieces but time really got to me. A labor of love for sure. Check them out in episode two.

Frida Clutter

I love Frida plain and simple. When Lana Crooks invited me to be in a show at Clutter Magazine's gallery space, I thought this is it. Time for Frida to live. But as the preview pieces posted online, Frida started to seem a little out of place in the show. F*&k it, I still love Frida. If you don't believe me check out the show. Stitched